Tights during pregnancy: can I use

Before they invented tights, women, including pregnant women, should do without them. The modern fashion industry, take care of the beauty and comfort of women, offering specific styles of lingerie, including stockings during pregnancy. And is it so, that they are necessary and differ from conventional products?

Can I wear tights during pregnancy?

stockings during pregnancy

Can I wear pantyhose when pregnant – question borders on false, because the tights during pregnancy is necessary, because the rest of the time. It is not only clothes, but accessories that complement the clothes and shoes. Transparent products will make your legs looks more beautiful and thinner, and this is very important, because a good mood pregnant. Warm provides warmth and comfort, not less important.

Affordable alternative to tights during pregnancy is common, with a low waist and soft elastic. They are "under the belly". Special more expensive, they contain more, have the opportunity to "grow" along with the growing uterus. The blade is made of a soft absorbent material, usually cotton or velour, which is capable of providing heat transfer and microcirculation. "Winter" products additionally insulated with socks and heels.

The second type of product packaging that is designed to prevent varicose veins. Picking them up should not be guided by the advice of incompetent people, it is better to ask advice from a doctor or a phlebologist, that if necessary to appoint examination.

Some women feel themselves ladies support socks and use them instead of tights during pregnancy. They come in different models:

  • traditional;
  • belt and Velcro closure;
  • open-toed (high heels);
  • silicone wedge and a fishnet top.

What tights to wear during pregnancy?

Stockings during pregnancy as at other times, we have to protect from the cold, warmth and comfort for the feet. If there are problems vessels of the lower extremities require special tights. This so-called compression tights, which are intended for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

What are the features and what you need to wear tights during pregnancy? The initial stage is enough to buy regular tights only one size larger. Later, you will need special products, and the last trimester can preventive compression.

  • Stockings during pregnancy should gently support your growing bump. So advantage applies elastic, more dense, but the stretching of the material.
  • Used a special cut panel due to the growth of the abdomen, and soft, wide rubber band.
  • Quality tights have flat seams, or not at all. Bulk seams – the source of the discomfort.
  • The cold season should wear tights in a wool or cotton.
  • It is recommended to check the data label information to the manufacturer, the composition and quality of materials.

By the way, this kind of lingerie you can choose, as in ordinary cases. Spring and summer slim fit products winter – tight. Slim – 15-Denki, the most dense – 200 den. Nylon products are not stretched, but the model by adding lycra or polyamide provides sufficient flexibility.

How to wear tights during pregnancy?

Real women don't wear tights, just like with anything. It is an accessory that completes the whole ensemble of clothes and shoes, so should be uniform in color, texture and so on.

How to wear tights during pregnancy depends on fashion trends and your own preferences. Women wear tights during pregnancy under a dress, shorts and pants of various lengths (Capri, knee pants). Tights with patterns, shiny or matte, Nude, black or color – all are suitable, only the future mom feel stylish and attractive.

But what we must not forget, during this time, comfort and safety. This is especially true during the cold season. This time you need tights during pregnancy dense textures, which is a significant part of natural fibers in the composition. These products to use under a wool dress and pants below.

Properly selected tights to wear in the morning when swelling is minimal. You can pre-soak, lift your feet up. To prevent injury, remove jewelry and finally a nail file the nails. You can even use delicate gloves.

Next, you should capture some high heels and pantyhose on the inside and insert the legs into the feet. The upper part of the product carefully share all the drumsticks and thighs, smoothes wrinkles and folds. Then put on and straighten the upper part of the tights. If there is no pulling, rubbing, all pieces are a perfect "sit" on the product, the tights worn correctly.

Compression stockings during pregnancy

It is no secret that during pregnancy the likelihood of varicose veins increases significantly, and if in the anamnesis there was a problem, it escalates, especially in second and later pregnancies. This promotes the hormonal changes affect the veins.

In this case, you should visit a doctor who will surely advise the use of compression tights during pregnancy. This elastic underwear forms an additional framework to the veins, to evenly distribute the pressure on in the right direction, which improves the venous outflow and the expectant mother feel so desirable lightness in the legs. This prevents unwanted extension of the veins.


Clothes and underwear for pregnant women sell online, special stores and departments. Select anti varikozny tights, refer to at least three criteria: quality, practicality, naturalness. Taking into account that they do not stretch, you have to choose the size of the corresponding individual standards. Please note the following:

  • Compression tights should be the seams.
  • The safety of the material to strengthen the characters of the RAL-standard.
  • Good knit material with braided cotton.
  • It is recommended to buy two pairs to replace.
  • Expensive is not better; preference – comfortable underwear, regardless of the cost.

Release the compression of the product 4 categories; the first is suitable for the prevention, the rest used for therapeutic purposes, medical reasons. Their density is measured in millimeters of mercury.

For example, the first class to appoint women belong to a risk group, the second – the regular pain and swelling, and third is the chronic diseases, such as thrombophlebitis. Complete information about these figures, indicated on the package to confirm the quality and originality of the product. The price is from several dollars, to $ 100.

Control top pantyhose during pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, women get away with regular tights. When they become uncomfortable, move on to products with a low waist, with elastic band sits under the belly, or tights in a larger size. Special socks are recommended over a five month period.

Control top tights during pregnancy, even sometimes wearing the unwanted. They interfere with normal blood circulation in the lower extremities and the pelvic organs, which adversely affect the internal organs and the fetus. He doesn't get enough blood and, therefore, of oxygen, leading to hypoxia. The constant wearing of pantyhose and prevents the development of the fetus and the uterus.

Even a completely healthy and non-pregnant women are not recommended to wear such clothes more than 6 – 8 hours. Contraindications – hypertension, angina pectoris, varicose veins, heart rhythm disorders, exacerbation of women's diseases, tumors of different nature. Corrective tights need a woman after a prosperous birth.

Nylon stockings during pregnancy

Modern masters Affairs socks long ago learned how to cook for pregnant women. The product range includes various grades, including nylon stockings during pregnancy. However useful these tights during pregnancy, if they are made of plastic?

Synthetic fabrics are beautiful and stylish, but the downside is that these tights do not leak air and warm, the skin sweats and overheats, has made, including the effect of pathogenic microflora. The most common problem that arises in such cases is that the thrush.

But this is not the only complication of wearing tights. In the cold season, these products contribute to hypothermia and cause cystitis. Pain and burning sensation during urination – are undeniable symptoms of inflammation, which require a visit to the urologist.

Finally, the product nylon can do nothing to help women who are prone to varicose veins. If it is to take care of prevention, as a result of expansion of venous vessels can continue to chase women the rest of my life. And aggravated second pregnancy.

The alternative is a special product, which is an orthopedic surgeon and a slimming effect. They reduce the negative effects of hormonal changes, growth and weight of mother and fetus. Their higher price compared with ordinary, no, we're talking about the preservation of health, which is protected from an early age.

Tights varicose veins during pregnancy

Why do you need tights for varicose veins during pregnancy? The short answer, for the prevention of varicose veins. Physiological changes of pregnancy contribute to the pressure on the veins, preventing the flow of venous blood. As a result, it is formed by extending blood vessels, leading to varicose veins.

Compression stockings during pregnancy an excellent job of preventing problems. When they put the blood divided, pressing deeper vessels, improves surface microcirculation, nutrition, skin and subcutaneous tissue. Power compression is reduced in the direction from bottom to top, "pushing" the blood flow to the heart.

Medical linen is to be taken in the morning, still in bed, and take a whole day. In order to avoid allergies it is washed in baby soap. After washing the clothes retain their shape and quality, if they dry in a horizontal plane. Some models look not so aesthetically pleasing as we would like, but if you want to, you can find beautiful products. In addition, the most important thing in this case, certainly, comfort and practicality.


Models of products against varicose veins for pregnant women offer comfort thanks to the special design of the abdominal and special technology. In particular, some manufacturers use the active silver ions, which eliminate odors, and protect the micro-organisms. In ukraine to sell domestically produced products and made in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA.

Tights during pregnancy is an essential part of the wardrobe. They are necessary and important, and it, like everything else, has to meet the changed circumstances, fully to maintain the comfort and good mood of the expectant mother. The market for women's accessories enough such models. The choice is yours, dear mother.